Mobile Technology - Writing on the Run

I'm a major devotee of utilizing the correct device for the activity when getting words down on (virtual) paper. I like to compose however I loathe hauling anything out in the field that I don't need to. Then again, I'm not truly adept at translating my diaries from a journal into a record document. I composed a progression of paper articles during both my Appalachian Trail through-climb and Mississippi River trips for the Greensboro News and Record. During those outings I was to a great extent subject to open libraries for their PCs and Internet access to post articles and photographs. While libraries are great about giving me a chance to utilize their frameworks, this isn't the most ideal set-up for some reasons. Long periods of activity, good ways from where I was staying, and simply the issue going to one more place just to transfer 1,000 words and a couple photographs. There must be a superior way. Possibly there is.

For the following excursion I'm anticipating utilizing something like a Palm TX with a collapsing console for composing and photograph the board. As is stands now, I do a large portion of my composition at home on an old Handspring Visor and collapsing console that I can't figure out how to slaughter. I love the comfort of simply whipping out the PDA and working out a couple of words without a moment's notice. For simply getting words on paper, it's difficult to beat. The battery life on those old highly contrasting units are unbelievable - I'll go for around three weeks on a lot of AA's. The drawback is that I don't have WIFI or a card peruser for the photographs with that arrangement.

We used a Pocketmail email gadget for a lot of our short messages on the waterway. It was anything but difficult to transfer and download content messages, yet no arrangement for photographs. There's a sound modem on the back, so you simply dial a sans toll number from any telephone, hold the unit to the beneficiary, at that point get you messages. Handy.

I've additionally demo-ed a unit from Alphasmart called a Dana. It's a Palm-based unit that is the size of a slim PC, with an extraordinary console and usable highly contrasting screen. Batteries last around 40 hours, and it has inherent (yet moderate) WIFI. For simply fundamental word handling, this is thing is extraordinary, and it's assembled like a tank. In any case, at that point there's no genuine arrangement for photos....

What I need is a glimmer based PDA with bunches of memory, worked in WIFI, collapsing console, and a battery life of in any event 20 hours. That, and a kindhearted promoter to take care of everything for another long excursion!

John Pugh has more than 5,000 miles of exploring and paddling background, including a through climb of the well known Appalachian Trail. In 2005, he and his life partner paddled 2,150 miles down the Mississippi and Atchafalaya streams to bring issues to light for the Audubon Society's Upper Mississippi River Campaign. His book on the undertaking is being discharged in October, 2006. More data about their Source to Sea undertaking, including their diaries, supports, photos, stream assets can be found at


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